So lets get started on a little project. I am going to start writing about how I came up with an idea for a Windows Phone 7 app, started a little simple design, programmed it, tested it, and then released it to the marketplace. My app is currently going though the approval process so I hope to have it published soon.

Before you even start, you need to have the right tools. The first and most important tool you will need is the Windows Phone 7 SDK that comes with Visual Studio for Windows Phone which you can download at the apphub ( Download and install that then the next thing I suggest you download is the Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 toolkit. (

Download and install those, While doing that some suggested reading is on the apphub like and you can view some sample code at

If you want to get started developing Windows Phone 7 app, or even just getting started into some C# programming, download the WP7 SDK and start reading.